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Win the Bid

You are not alone in searching for home. There are other ready buyers that are ready to move just like you and you guys have similar tastes for homes; therefore, it’s important to make a competitive offer so you can win the bid.

To win the bid, you must think like a seller---and what do all sellers want---as much money as they can. So, here a few ways to capture their pockets.

Exceed the purchase price amount. I know it’s strange but exceeding the purchase amount gives them more money in their pocket but what’s an extra few hundred to live in your dream home.

Cover some of your own closing costs. Sellers love when you can afford your own closing costs, and they generally don’t mind paying for extras such as home warranties and termite inspections. Click here to learn more about closing costs.

Promise not to make repairs. This can be especially true for newer homes that needs little to no repairs.

Cover your own warranties and inspections. It’s the little things that can add up such as home warranties and termite inspections but you could win the war with a few dollars,

Of course, I’ll do whatever that’s in your best interest but these are some helpful tools to get the home you like!!!

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