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Improving your Credit Score

One method of increasing credit scores is to open an account for a secure card. This is especially important if you do not have any positive reporting to your credit history. Most secure card programs understand that consumers are building their credit; therefore, they take little interest in low credit scores. Opening a minimum of two secure cards can improve your scores within a month after utilization.

Some of those programs include:

Capital One Secure Card

First Premier Bank.

An important concept in using these secure cards is that you should only use 30% of the credit card balance because the utilization ratio of scoring your credit score is 30%. For example, Capital One Secure Card normally begins with a balance of $300. Therefore, you’ll want to use only $90 which is 30% of $300 monthly.

If you already possess a secure card, it's recommended to pay down these balances to 30% to see an increase in scores.

It's, also, important to pay these balances off on or before your due date because paying balances on time contributes to 35% of your credit scoring.

For more information on disputing negative items and additional tips in credit building, see our download "Repairing your Credit for a Home Purchase" at

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