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Buy your Home in Less than One Year with Less than Perfect Credit with our HomePath Program

We understand the challenges in acquiring a home loan due to credit and financial challenges. Therefore, our HomePath Program aid families by offering  a guaranteed process that will get your family qualified for a loan through repairing and rebuilding their credit, implementation of sound savings plan, and monthly accountability that proves to get your approved in less than one year. Not only will we aid your family through the loan qualification process but guide your family from contract to close in buying your own home. We will be your guide from start to finish.

What We Do



We provide a thorough credit analysis and dispute account items that interferes with loan approval.

We work with you to create a sound savings plan to help you save for out pocket expenses such as possible downpayment and closing costs.



We strategically work with you to make sure you meet the basic requirements for loan approval.



After loan approval, we as licensed real estate agents will guide you from home searching to the closing table .



What to expect

We are motivated to uphold our One Year Home Buying program, so we determine your expectations and goals during first meeting.  


We evaluate your expected mortgage payments, credit repair strategy, financial savings plan,Debt-to-Income ratio, and down payment and closing options. After our initial meeting, we will have clearly defined goals and strategies for implementation.  In addition, we will collaborate each month to evaluate your performance and objectives.


After we have achieved the desired credit score and savings initiatives, we will work with your desired lenders for loan approval. After loan approval, we are in search of your dream home.

No one is left behind in buying their own home.

We are passionate in helping families RESTORING their pride by REBUILDING their credit and PREPARING them in buying their own home.

Let's start you on your way Home!

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