Church loan experts that can originate the right loan for your ministry's vision.

We are partnered with Griffin Capital in assisting churches obtaining loan approval on our varied loan products.  Each year we work with thousands of churches to help them understand their financial position by providing free advice and valuable insight on how church financing  works and also how the church can improve their financial position. We close about $100,000,000 per year on average in church loan for the purchase, refinance, renovation and ground-up construction of church properties. These loan amounts range from $75, 000 to $30,000,000. 


  • Completely free quotes with no obligation. We will review your application and provide a written proposal within 24 hours detailing the interest rates and terms of the loan without cost or obligation to you.

  • Personal guarantees on the church loans are almost never needed. You can feel secure in knowing that if something does go wrong with the church, your personal credit will not be affected.

  • Quick closings are what we specialize in providing. From the time we initially receive your documents to the closing of your loan, our process is streamlined and designed to minimize the time it takes to fund your loan.

  • Fantastic service is what we provide every day to every church we touch, whether a loan is provided or not.

  • Our products are risk-based so that we can help as many churches as possible. The strongest churches receive the best products and pricing while churches that are in trouble receive higher pricing.


We can serve you with the following loans:


We understand church financing, and we offer church purchase loans across the United States of America. Ultimately, this means that we probably have a loan that will fit the needs of your church.


This is the perfect time for churches to take on renovation projects before interest rates go up again.  Completing financing now will save the church thousands over the term of their loans. To bring their goals to life, they need a church renovation lender and we can help you with that.


We offer 4 types of construction loans that can assist churches in building new structures to include  gymnasiums and life centers. This , also, includes building structures on previously owned land. 


Are you looking for a reduced interest rate or a better interest rate for your church? Griffin Capital Funding can help you! Now is the time for churches locked into high-interest rates to refinance their loans. Interest rates are climbing again, so refinance while you can save thousands for your church. 


The goal of The Atkins Group is to leave each church better off for having worked with us, and we do this through providing fantastic church loan/ church financing productswith great rates and terms.


In addition to providing low-interest rate products to churches that are in a good position, we also have a private money fund that also helps churches in foreclosure or bankruptcy.


No loan is to small because we offer loans ranging in size from $75,000 to $30,000,000 in most parts of the country.


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